Planned litter


3 weeks old! All puppies are reserved.

2017-07-31. Puppies 2 days old. orange, yellow and green are the males.


We got 1 female and 3 males! Happy Birthday!!!

Yes, she is pregnant!!!, today the 10th of july just about 2,5 weeks to wait.

Maia is mated the 27 and 28 of may! So in the end of July we hope we have got puppies!

We may have some younger and midage samojeds for  new homes, please ask us in case.

We will move to a warmer place and these samoyeds need to work so even if my heart cries I think it will be better for them to do what they love most.

Maia has now started her heat! Hope for mating about the 27-28th of May !

2017  in spring, we plan a litter with Maia, HD: A, Eyes clear. 

She loves the puppies of Wohpe, here with the little girl Luna, aka Mini.

Here is Washakie

He has HD:A, Clear eyes and Gonioskopie normal.

He is a male of 58cm, he has a very nice temperament and is a good worker and Norwegian show champion.

We hope he may suite Maia!


If you are interested in a puppy from us please contact us at the Contactpage above.

We speak Swedish, German, English, Dutch and a little Frensh.

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